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Shipping information

Shipping information 2023

Shipping zones:
We are still shipping within the European Union. However, we ask you to inform yourself before placing your order whether the temperatures in your target region allow damage-free shipping, as we are unfortunately not liable for any transport damage and only check the temperatures at our location before shipping. We furthermore only ship plants at temperatures above 0°C!

Shipping takes place once a week.

Unfortunately, due to the exit from the European Union, we can no longer ship to Great Britain! Even if we regret this very much, we can only ask for your understanding!

Furthermore we unfortunately can not ship to Austria anymore, due to changes in shipping related laws. We are sorry for that, but there is currently not possible way for us to still ship to Austria.

Shipping process - unpotted shipping of pitcher plants:
We will continue to use our well-known form of packaging with predominantly recycled materials for this season. However we still have set ourselves the goal of using more precisely shipping materials which continuously optimize shipping. All Sarracenia pitcher plants will therefore only be sent unpotted! If you choose the shipping method maxi letter box or untracked parcel, the plants will be shortened!

Attention: Because our propagation process mainly takes place on vegetative ways (via cuttings), in the early months of spring the pitcher plants may be send as relatively fresh cuttings with tiny or no roots at all. For this plants, you don't have to worry about the quality, because they surely will grow and develope healthy! Thats what we stand for! If you have any problems at all, we offer a two month guarantee! In this time, you can exchange your plant to another one plant with the same species or same value, depending on what is on stock (no guarantee on plants which were not grown in the right way!).

For the safety of the plants, we only send substrates separately and independently of the plants! We therefore ask you to order substrates individually. Unfortunately, we cannot process the order otherwise.

Assortment & plant quality:
Of course, we continue to continuously expand our offer and our service. The categories “Drosera” and “Pinguicula” in particular are constantly growing.
Unfortunately, we can only offer few or no specimens of a few other plants this season. These are mostly species that can only be reproduced very little or very poorly, even in professional horticulture, or are always sold out quickly.
In addition, we always try to concretise our product images and descriptions in order to be able to offer you the best possible impression of your plants before you buy.
We look forward to a new, successful season! But we are especially looking forward to you!

Happy Growing! (Fabian // Carniflor)


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Please note that we currently only send at temperatures above 0 ° C!

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