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About Us


Carniflor is a brand of Fabian Striebe - Zier- und Nutzpflanzen (Einzelunternehmen).
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My Name is Fabian, born 1996, studied phytotechnologist in horticulture (horticultural science) and I am living in Berlin (Germany), growing a lot of carnivorous plants.
In my childhood I spend a lot of time hanging around in the nature or being gardening in the garden of my grand parents. My interest in arts, culture and nature never could be stopped. But then the teenager times came up and I got a "every day regular normal guy" with no really interest in plants and the single ones I just owned sooner or later all died - RIP!

But as I am growing up I have noticed, that there is much more in nature as we often can see on the first time. Shortly after I watched a video about the Cephalotus pitcher plant on YouTube and my interest for plants and their inner functions was awoken again. Until now I am studying phytotechnology in horticulture.

After a long search for several years I finally got the chance to rent some space in a big nursery in my neighbourhood, where I am now growing all my plants to make my collection bigger, get the ability to spread more plants and get some more income beside my university visits.
All my plants who just where pressed together under artificial lightning, now got the right place and the tight air conditioning they need to grow. Our heating system is based on wooden pellets and will just heat up to 5°C, so our production got clearly more enviromental friendly!

While the big nursery (around 10.000m² greenhouses) until now "just" produced several outdoor plants for the Berlin wholesale markets, I am very happy to now be a very small part of the history of this beloved managed nursery.

Since 2018, I am also a member of the Gesellschaft für fleischfressende Pflanzen e.V. (G.F.P.), a society, which cares about the care of bogs and bog growing plants, especially carnivorous plants. Furthermore I am member of the Deutschen Gesellschaft Für Moor- und Torfkunde e.V. (D.G.M.T.). In my opinion those societies are very important, because of the importance of the topic about lowering availability of peat products, the ongrowing plants and its sources.

Continous learning and the inner wish to get and make things better is what drives us every day and will make us to look positive to our future. Thats why „Grown up to grow up!“ is our slogan.

Best wishes, Fabian