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Social Awareness

Carniflor is more than a brand - for everyone!

Our plants are expensive! We are aware of that. However, our goal is to always be able to provide you with the best possible quality that we can produce with our current resources. By this, we mean plants that have been grown with a lot of effort and love, are well established and hardened from professional greenhouses - and we pay a lot for that!
However, we are also aware that many people in Germany and Europe cannot afford to invest in our plants for various reasons and therefore have to do other things, than cultivating such exciting and fascinating plants. This is - in our opinion - not only a pity, but also stands in the way of one of our actual main goals: The imparting of knowledge about plants and the formation of a comprehensive understanding of nature - for everyone!

We have therefore decided to offer specific discounts for certain groups of people:

students: 10% discount

Recipients of unemployment benefit/social assistance (I+II): 10% discount

Persons with severe disabilities (from 50 GdB): 20% discount

How does it work?

Simply email us your proof of a claim to info@carniflor.de and you will receive your personal discount code that is valid until the expiry date of your proof. This is valid at all times - regardless of other discount campaigns - and cannot be combined with other discounts. Please make sure that your first and last name, as well as the expiration date and your place of residence are also clearly visible. You are welcome to make all other information unrecognizable. With the transmission you agree that we process and store your data for internal purposes only.

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