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- My order has not yet been shipped. When will it be sent?

We always do our best to ensure that your orders can be dispatched as quick as possible. In some cases - for example "extreme weather conditions" when there is a risk of frost or heat (over 28°C) - it may happen that we have to delay your order a little in order to be able to promise optimal product quality. As a rule, however, all orders are dispatched after two or, more rarely, once after three weeks.

- Can I also pick up my order on site?

Unfortunately, due to the fact that I am busy with the shipping process during the main season, it is often not possible for me to find a suitable date. Since we are also located on the immediate outskirts of the city and can be reached almost exclusively by car, experience has shown that a visit is usually a little more difficult. However, if you are able to plan a little longer term, you are of course cordially invited to browse on site. If you are interested, just send us a short email to info@carniflor.de.

- I live in Austria and cannot choose a suitable shipping method. Is this a mistake?

Unfortunately, we will no longer be able to deliver to Austria from January 1st, 2023! The background to this is legal changes, which now do not offer us any economical shipping options to Austria. We're really sorry - but unfortunately we can't do anything about it!

- When will my desired plant be available again?

To be honest, we don't know either! But there is a high probability that we are in the process of producing the stock again. "Unfortunately, plants don't grow faster when you pull on them" ;-).
However, if you would like to be informed immediately when it becomes available again so that you don't miss your dream plant, you should definitely subscribe to the product alert on the specific product page. If the item is available again, you will immediately receive a one-time notification by email. Unique and without any newsletter or advertising - word of honour!

- Where do your plants come from?

Of course, we do not simply take any plant from nature. All of our plants offered for sale come from artificial propagation. The plants are predominantly propagated vegetatively or generatively (i.e. by division or sowing). From time to time we also buy a few plants from befriended growers as young plants or raw material, process them and care for them until they are ready for you. These plants usually come from laboratory in vitro propagation (i.e. propagation on chemical media in the laboratory). In vitro plants, when cultivated professionally, usually enable significantly better product qualities and fuller pots and are not inferior to vegetatively or generatively propagated plants in terms of quality!

- I would like to work/do an internship with you. Where can I apply?

Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to complete an internship with us.
Unfortunately, we don't have any vacancies for the foreseeable future. Sorry!

- Do you also offer vouchers?

If you are interested, we will also be happy to issue a voucher for you or your loved ones.
Simply send us an email with the name of the person to be gifted and the amount to info@carniflor.de and we will arrange everything else. You will then receive your voucher to print out after full payment by e-mail. The personal credit code is then valid for one year from the date of issue and can be used on any product. Payment of remaining amounts and cash payment are not possible!

- Do you also offer express shipping?

If you need express shipping, please select the shipping method "parcel shipping" and write down the corresponding request for express shipping in the notes during the purchase process. In the next step, you will then receive another payment request from our shop system with the difference to be paid (package - express package). Since this step is carried out manually, we ask for a little patience! The shipment will then take place - after full payment - with DHL Express.