Carnivorous plant soil (European pinguicula)

Carnivorous plant soil (European pinguicula)

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The ideal soil for all (lime-loving) European pinguicula. This sanded-up peat substrate is particularly suitable for a wide variety of European butterwort species due to its lime content and the gentle fertilization. An absolute secret tip from our company!

Suitable for:

European pinguicula (lime-loving)


- unfertilized, uncalcified raised bog peat (pH 3.5)
- fertilized, limed peat culture substrate (pH 5.6; salt content: 0.8 g / L (CaCl2))
- high-quality, lime-free quartz sand / quartz gravel

Note: Since we mix the substrates manually in small quantities, both the composition and the nature of the goods (pH, eC) may vary slightly depending on the margin. The delivery quantity refers to the time of filling.

Attention: For the safety of the plants, substrates will only be send separately from the plants! We therefore beg you to order substrates individually. Unfortunately, otherwise we can not process the order! In addition, we only send any substrates within Germany!