Bog-Garden Service (Berlin)

Making a bog garden for yourself is not big deal - But a good quality bed or container surely needs some carefully done pre-planning and construction, to ensure you will be happy with it for many years.
If the plants are once planted, its hard to rearrange them and correct mistakes.

We will help you out and will make it as easy as possible for you! Together with our experienced partner Hans Thomas Siegel, we will create your entire bog garden or container in Berlin (Germany) - from plannings, to construction up to the plantings. Fully according to your wishes!

Our Service:

    Planning based on location, wishes and budget

    Pre-Selection of plants (in consultation)

    (application of the film, water-storages and soils)

    Planting and Design

    - info@carniflor.de -


    Our Promise:

    • In our shop you will get high quality plants from beloved and experienced plant growers. All offered plants are grown in good horticultural conscience and never ever have been taken illegaly from the wild!

    • Our Service is the best choice! As you will be advised by only moderatly trained employees in gardencentres, you will get an complete advice in our shop. Should there be any questions left (for instance about the care of your plants), we will surely give our advices, based on our long experiences! Of course any advice is totally free!

    • Our plants will make you happy! As passionated exotic plant lovers, we are highly interested in selling healthy and good quality plants and keeping them alive. The last part in particular distinguishes us from many large-scale customers such as garden centers. For this reason we are proud to offer you an rooting guarantee for the first month!*
      Should you nevertheless be unhappy with your plant or should there be a problem within the first month, we will surely find a solution!.

    *Damages caused by wrong culture conditions or pests are excluded from the rooting guarantee!

    Our Partner:

    With more than 20 years of experience, we highly recommend Hans Thomas Siegel - mainly known from Berliner Staudenmarkt - as a good known partner beside us. Together we will make your perfect bog garden, independet from size!

    Website: www.fleischfressende-pflanzen-berlin.de/

    Hans Thomas Siegel
    Foto: © Hans Thomas Siegel